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Speak Japanese,
Easier & Faster

The most enjoyable 12 weeks Online Japanese Course for Beginners to N5 Level with only 18,000 JPY / 12 weeks. (*Approx $133 USD)

 2 Weeks guaranteed - Full refund if you don’t like the class

ONLY $5.5USD / per 90 mins



Classes are


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August 2, 2022

Learn with us!!

About Our Course

Our course is for Beginners either who wish to have JLPT N5 Level OR to speak basic & practical daily Japanese.

*You must have Hiragana & Katakana knowledge at least.


Beginners - N5

Group size

Max 15 people

Class Options

Weekday / Weekend

Course Duration

12 weeks - 3h/w

Start Date - Weekday

August 2, 2022

Start Date - Weekend

August 6, 2022

Find benefits

Our Features

Japanese & English

Get a better understanding of classes and structure in English, that way your learning process will be faster.

Speaking Focus

This course pushes you not only to learn Japanese but also to use it and speak it in order to talk about familiar topics in daily life. 

Video Recording

If you need to be absent from one class, don't worry, we will record it for you. Here is that way you can access at ANYTIME before the course ends.

Review Class

Reviewing is the most important thing. This optional class will help you to remember what you learn from class while playing games and having fun.

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What Students Say


Let's meet

Your Sensei

​Juri Sensei

Main Teacher

In charge of classes in EU.

Camila Sensei

Main Teacher

In charge of classes for both Latam and USA.

こんにちは! copy 4.png

Shota Sensei


In charge of a review optional class.